Obvious Reasons Why Brunch Is Always A Good Idea

The weekend just isn't the weekend without brunch.

hereor bunch in general

This is not a brunch public service announcement, but it is an ode to brunch and how amazing it is. If I could eat brunch daily, I would without hesitation. With brunchin' comes some amazing perks that make the experience worthwhile and worth your money because we all know that brunch can sometimes be a pretty penny. But in turn, you always get what you pay for. To express my love for the greatest meal of all time -- continue scrolling for mouth watering reasons why brunch is always a good idea.


You Have The Option Of Breakfast Or Lunch

For those who happen to be a little slower than most, brunch is a blended word made up of both breakfast and lunch. The idea of brunch is having the ability to order either breakfast, lunch or a combination of the two. So in the end, you end up getting exactly what you want. Who doesn't love having the option to order both breakfast and lunch? You can get your pancakes and you can still get your fries. That's a little something called satisfaction.


Bottomless Mimosas Are Always A Good Idea

If you end up going to a bottomless mimosa brunch, just be prepared to feel amazing. If you're lucky, your waiter will leave a pitcher on your table instead of constantly coming back. Although mimosa brunches tend to be a little more pricier than just regular brunch, if you enjoy a fruity cocktail -- always go fro the bottomless mimosa brunch. Always.


You Can Get Hit The Snooze Button A Couple More Times

The great thing about brunch is that it occurs after breakfast and before/during lunch. The usual times for brunch range between 11 o'clock in the morning and 4 o'clock in the evening. So no need to rush out of bed at the crack of dawn, enjoy your slumber because you'll need plenty of energy once you make it to brunch.


It's A Great Opportunity To Bond With Friends

Who doesn't love spending quality time with friends and loved ones? To make things even better, who doesn't love spending quality time with friends and loved ones over amazing food? Exactly. Brunch is the perfect atmosphere to hang with some of your favorite people and in some cases meet some amazing people. More than likely everyone in the vicinity of the restaurant you are brunchin' at is doing the same exact thing as you. Mix and mingle. Enjoy yourself.


Saying You're Going To Brunch Just Sounds Cool

brunchin' and munchin'.


Honestly, I can go on for days about why brunch is an amazing idea.

But I much rather prefer that you go out and experience it yourself. Like now.

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