{Monday Madness} Funniest Anime Gif!


Hello Anime Community Friends,

Here's the 2nd Monday Madness Challenge! For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, every Monday, I pick a simple question or topic and ask you to create your own card in response :)

This week's topic is...Funniest Anime Gif!

> You have ALL WEEK to do this challenge. So until Friday! :)


> Of course, include the gif in your card and make sure to have a creative title. XD

Here's my example:

{MM} When the Struggle is Too Real


Poor Pikachu! T_T

Hope that example helped!

Thanks to these homies for participating in the last Monday Madness challenge and I hope you participate this week too! ^_^



I'd like for more people to participate too! Share your funniest gif with the Vingle Anime Family :)

and ANYONE else who would like to participate! :)

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