Lazy Day Hammock Chair - DIY

There is nothing like sitting around on a lazy day doing nothing--in a cozy hammock chair! I love this idea from A Beautiful Mess which shows how to make this thing in one lazy afternoon.

Supplies Needed:

-1 1/4" x 3' oak dowel (oak is a hard wood and considered safer than poplar for supporting weight. Also, I had mine cut to 3')

-3/8" x 16' braided polypropylene (get this by the foot)

-2 yards of plain canvas

-80mm stainless steel spring snap link (holds up to 220 lbs)

-3/16" stainless steel quick link (holds up to 660 lbs)

-black fabric paint (my acrylic paint is fabric friendly)

-paint brush


-drill and 3/8" drill bit

-sewing machine

-iron and ironing board




Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five:

Step Six:

Step Seven:

Step Eight:

Step Nine:

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