Why You Should Always Keep Your Friends Close

Dealing with change is very hard

Friends are like birds on a wire. They sit and stare at the world with you. They talk to you. And it's difficult when one of you flies away.

I reconnected with my best friends from college, and my best friends from high school over cocktails and a breezy Saturday night. I flew in from New York City around noon and my friends from Marietta, Ohio (two and a half hours south of Cleveland) and Columbus, Ohio (2 Hours southeast of Cleveland) joined me at my childhood home around 5P.M.

The sheer relief of seeing some familiar faces after a whirlwind two months in New York City was almost enough to knock the wind out of me.

We hugged and laughed, smiled and made new inside jokes. It was a shock to my senses, that had been dulled by the hustle and bustle of the city, the stress of it all. I instantly stopped holding my breath, something I had been doing since I got off of the Boeing 747 at JFK two months ago.

It's already been nearly four months since we all graduated college and split up to head out into the great AfterLife, alone.

I had seen them frequently in the single month that followed college, but then I went to New York and everything turned upside down.

The flock had discipated and I was left on the wire alone. This time it wasn't a wire held up by telephone polls in the quiet college town of Athens, Ohio. It was one suspended high above the East River, straddling right and wrong high above the uncertainty of a future under an unknown skyline.

One, was getting all of my friends together and having a nice time.

As soon as my college buddies came up, we headed to downtown Cleveland , Ohio City to visit my long-time high school best friend and a few others who I had known for a while.

My college and high school ride-or-die comrades collided and everything was right in the world.

The darkness and weight I had been carrying around dropped away

There is nothing like reuniting with your friends.

No matter how far away your support system may be...they're always closer than you think.

There is nothing like reuniting with your friendsLife moves like a shadowThe people who walk into that shadow and are unafraid of the consequences of knowing you, are the ones you have to keep around .


Friendship is a tie that binds by choice. They are the family you choose. It is your obligation to pick them up when they're down. Laugh until it hurts, and remember that their struggles and successes are shared.

The most important people weren't all there...I was still missing some friends from far away, but I realized that no matter how far they were they'd never let me fall out of the sky.


And it's okay when you all fly away leaving the wire bare, because no matter how far away your flock may be...they're always closer than you think.

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