Leather Case Laptop Project

No fancy pockets or zippers here. This is your no-nonsense easy-peasy leather case project that will fit your laptop and nothing more. It's not meant to be an everything bag that weighs 200 pounds. Take it for what it is and embrace the clean lines.

Supplies Needed:

Leather (or vinyl)

Nylon thread (and needle)

Rotary cutter

Button stud screwback

* Awl (If using leather)

X-Acto knife

1. Cut out your leather using your laptop as a guide. make sure it covers the back and front with enough excess length for a flap, and make sure you leave enough space on both sides for your laptop to have a tiny bit of wiggle room.

2. You can use binder clips or tape to keep it in place as you sew. sew one side with your nylon thread, using an “overcast stitch” (Google the term). The thread is very forgiving because its clear. Now sew the other side. duh. If you’re using real thick leather, you’ll need to poke stitch holes along both sides before sewing unless you’re as strong as the hulk.

3. Once you’ve sewn up both sides, make sure your laptop fits safely inside.

4. Cut a little slit on the underside where your button will go using your X-Acto blade. Insert the screw in back and then screw on the button. Cut another slit where the button will fit through on the front flap.

Even though this is a hand-sewn project, it's only got two sides, which means you can sew this up in a jiff. Not going to take you a million years! For more cute projects, click here.

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