Welcome back for round two of OSTuesday! This had a really good reception last week, and I'm so glad that people showed an interest. So! This week comes from a suggestion by@DianaCastaneda so here we go!

*not my video **also the video is a compilation from the drama so semi-spoilery but not really From 2013 drama I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려) is the theme/introduction used for the show, Echo by Every Single Day. Every Single Day is an indie rock band from Korea, and is a well known presence on the OST scene.

I Hear Your Voice- *This may have spoilers-precede with caution. I Hear Your Voice is a love story about two outcasted people who are connected through tragedy. They connect on a level that others cannot understand and their love helps them through their hardships. It's the ultimate "Noona Romance", with the main boy being almost ten years the main female lead's junior, yet the age barrier is insignificant due to the connection that these two experience.

Echo is the introduction played at the beginning of each episode to set the tone of what is to come. Personally, I have not watched this drama, but I know this introduction from hearing it from the next room over as my sister binge watched the entire show in a sitting. The song itself is extremely pleasing without the connection to the drama, and the climax of the song which is used as the theme definitely builds anticipation. So since I have no connection to the song and the show combined here is my sister to talk about that a little bit: "Whenever I hear this song, I am brought back to the first time I watched this drama. It brings back the love I have for the main couple and their journey together as they face their trials and tribulations. The song itself is more light hearted, which I feel helps ebb the more intense tone of the drama without taking away from the ultimate theme. Instead, it helps convey the more light hearted aspects of the drama, which is the relationship between the two main leads. I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I hear the soaring climax of the song. It never fails to make me think of Jang Hye Sung and Park Soo Ha and them solving mysteries together. This drama is one of favorites and a must watch for any who haven't. " Beautifully put English major sister who writes a lot :)

Alright! That is a wrap for week 2. Thanks for paying attention and being so into it last week and I hope ya'll enjoy this week's song and drama. Has anyone seen I Hear Your Voice? How do you feel about the song? Isn't Jongsuk a gorgeous person? Thanks again for participation! I'm going to tag anyone that commented last week and I hope you guys share with your friends in case I didn't tag them.

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