EXO To Debut in Japan: Who Has The Best Japanese Singles?

So I just heard that EXO is debuting in Japan...

"According to music officials on August 25th, preparations for EXO’s debut Japanese album is underway, however, the release date has not been set though it is highly possible that they will release it at the end of the year."


Below I listed my four favorite Japanese tracks by Korean artists that you MUUUUUST listen to.

Big Bang - Koe wo Kikasete

I love all of Big Bang's Japanese singles - mainly because I was in Japan when they first debuted and I had to convince my host family that Kpop was the next big thing. For some reason though, this is the song I love the most. It's a gorgeous video plus just a gorgeous track!

Infinite - She's Back (Japanese Version)

I'm usually not a huge fan of Japanese remakes (I prefer original Japanese songs) because the Japanese lyrics tend to not fit will with the beat that was written for the Korean words. For some reason though, I really, really like the Japanese version of She's Back.

Hoya's rap is amaaaaazing.

TVXQ - Why Did I Fall in Love With You?

I will always be a TVXQ 5EVER Cassiopeia. I honestly can't bring myself to listen to the new TVXQ stuff because these five boys are the reason I got into Kpop in the first place.

TVXQ were the first Koreans to really break into the Jpop scene. They had to start back at the bottom of the food chain and were treated like rookies and nobodies because, in Japan, they were! Now it's easy for Kpop groups to make Japanese debuts and that is all thanks to the suffering of TVXQ. I seriously love these boys to pieces and just listening to this song makes me want to cry for them.

This song is heart breaking, beautiful, and shows just how talented the members of TVXQ really are.

TVXQ - Stand By U

I studied Japanese for two years and this was one of the first songs I listened to where I actually understood every word.

This is another heartbreaking song that takes my breath away. I'm not really a ballad person when it comes to Kpop but something about Japanese ballads makes me so happy.

I could also add B1A4's Japanese singles (but not their Japanese remakes cause the Japanese just sounds awkward LOL), SNSD, and CN Blue to the list!!!

I want to get back into studying Japanese so send me tracks to listen to! List your favorites in the comments:

Also just a shameless VIXX promotion but they just dropped a new PV...

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