Matte About You: Matte Lipsticks You Must Have This Fall

Summer is wrapping up and we "matte" it to fall, well almost.

If you're like me than you know just how important a matte lip is. This fall we are taking our lipsticks to the next level and when I say next level I mean the level of matte. Say goodbye to your glosses and lipsticks that leave your lips greasy. It's time to embrace the beauty of matte lipsticks and not just any matte lipsticks, but those that are perfect for the change in season.

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Midi By ColourPop

If you're looking for the perfect pink based nude, Midi is the answer to all your lipstick problems. This matte liquid lip is perfect for all skin tones and might I add perfect for the fall.

Bow N Arrow By Kat Von D

Let's just say this lipstick is a diamond in the rough. Literally. As amazing as this liquid matte lippie is, it's been sold out everywhere for months. If you can get your hands on this baby this upcoming fall, you're one lucky duck and you won't regret it.

Sin By Mac Cosmetics

This matte lipstick is known to be a deep raspberry and is the perfect shade for the fall. It may appear as a deep chocolate and that's what makes this color so amazing because it looks great while appearing slightly different on every complexion.

Lady Danger By MAC

If Ruby Woo just doesn't seem to be cutting it for you anymore, say hello to a matte lipstick that will give you summer vibes in the fall. This red lipstick has orange undertones that will brighten any ones day. Want a pop of color this fall, lady danger has you covered.

Train Bleu By NARS

If you're on the hunt for a beautiful dark burgundy lip, this is the one for you. Train Bleu is by far one of the best lipsticks I have every purchased. Although it runs a tad high for a lipstick, you get your money's worth and for a matte lipstick -- it leaves your lips moisturized throughout the day.


If these lippies aren't enough reason for you to run out and splurge -- you must need a little more beauty inspiration.


Otherwise, head to the store before fall makes an entrance.

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