(REQ) BTS - Jungkook Background

@saraortiz2002 This is really less vibrant from what I seen you like recently. I picked this picture because of the pink shirt. The recent picture of Jungkook that I saw you like, I was actually debating if I should use it when I saw it on Google but I wasn't sure if you liked the bunny ears on him. If you want me to use that picture or something similar feel free to tell me.

These things are really hard to write. Um.. My name is Kseniya, who has a deep love for music especially K-pop, well that's pretty obvious. Why am I such an awkward turtle? The person who stole my heart is Yongguk and Bangtan turned my life upside, but honestly speaking I love a lot of groups. I like to write if the inspiration hits me and I love to read. Why am I sounding so proper with this Bio? Feel free to message me about anything! P.S. My guilty pleasure is Korean Hip-Hop and R&B.
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