My BigBang Boyfriend! ♥♡

Who Is Your BIGBANG Boyfriend? G-Dragon! Your BIGBANG Boyfriend Is G-Dragon! ♥ Strange... - You woke up in a daze and sat up half-asleep. You looked around and you were sat in your bed, in your bedroom, in your apartment. "Ah. I'm here." You said in a haze as you held your head. All you could remember was drinking and eating chicken with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend being G-Dragon from BIGBANG. You looked around and there was no sign of G-Dragon. "Aish. What happened..." You mumbled as you crept out of your bedroom. "Oh!" You jumped as you felt something by your feet. You looked down to see Jolie, one of G-Dragon's dogs sniffing around your feet. "How did you get here..." You mumbled. You looked up to find G-Dragon laid on his stomach on your sofa curled up with his other dog, Gaho.  You crept up to them and sat on the floor by your sofa. "How the...." You held your head, trying to remember last night but you couldn't remember anything. You didn't know how G-Dragon ended up on your sofa and you didn't know how both of his dogs ended up in your apartment. As you sat there, you heard G-Dragon grumble and he opened his eyes. "Oh! Good morning!" He said as he grinned to you. You smiled and he clambered off your sofa and went to get some water for you both. You walked over to the kitchen to meet him. He kissed you on your cheek and grinned. You coughed and he frowned, "Can you explain...?" You said to him. He continued to frown and you pointed at Jolie and Gaho. He looked confused at them both then looked at you. "How did they get here..." He stuttered. You shrugged then you both started laughing together. "We honestly didn't drink that much last night... we mainly ate..." He stuttered. You laughed and he got you in his arms, hugging you tightly.


me and GD are practically soulmates and might as well be married but thats none of my business.

나는 당신을 사랑해요 지용이♡♥ I love too many groups to name.... but KHipHop is life. I'm Jiyong Trash and I wouldn't change it for the world♡♥.....Well unless someone like Loco comes storming in😂 Cohort & AOMG Kings forever👑💕
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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