Prank Your Friends With 30 Days Of Trump-Filled Text Messages

These days, it seems that everybody knows somebody who isn't really a big fan of billionaire turned Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, and with the new prank service '30 Days Of Trump', driving them crazy will only get easier!

'30 Days Of Trump'


According to their official website: "'30 Days of Trump' is the perfect gift for anyone interested in, or not interested in, Trump." (They even go so far as to referring to Trump fans as 'Trumpsters', but that's another story.)

Of course, this has had the online media world buzzing all day - perhaps my favorite being this comment from Yahoo! News' tech writer, Daniel Howley:

"It’s like pranking your friends with a junk mail subscription, but instead of a coupon for $5 off your car’s next oil change, it’s a picture of Trump. You can decide which is worse."

The one downside to the service is that it costs $9.99 to subscribe somebody to the texting service, which is affordable, but of course, might be a little out of range for just a simple prank.

In any case, would any of you actually pay for a service like this? To be honest, I'd only do it if they were somehow able to take a picture of my friend's face right after they open their first text. But that's just me.

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