Warm hearted Min Ho Praised on how he dealt with a fan onstage

Lee Min Ho, the star of Asia, even shines during a crisis. On January 18, Lee received the Most Popular Asian Actor Award at the 12th China Fashion Awards and came across a surprising happening. It happened when Lee was giving his speech on the stage. A local fan suddenly stormed the stage and gave him a scarf and hug. Even though it happened all of a sudden, Lee dealt with it calmly. He smiled and received the present that the fan gave. Afterwards, the fan went back to her seat. A video of Lee dealing the fan was released on the Internet. Chinese fans praised Lee for dealing with the situation calmly. They said, “Lee is a representative actor of Korea and he has the best manners.” “Lee has good manners.” “I’m surprised by his love for his fans.” “His smile makes me smile too.” Lee was the only Korean actor to receive the award at the China Fashion Awards, which selects winners from among popular celebrities in such fields as music, film, public service, sports, and fashion. These are among the most recognized awards in China. cr:tvrep

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