I just saw the card@kpopandkimchi posted about National Dog Day which was 2 days ago... I know I'm late but here's a spam of my dog feat. various humans

This is Shayna. She's almost 3 years old (about 20 in dog years) and a beagle-daschund mix!

Shayna is actually my older sister's dog, but I love her like she's my own

She's a very long dog who's favorite past times are watching TV and devouring her bone.

Friendly tip: don't wake her up when she's sleeping because nap time is her favorite time of the day other than her walks (feat. my older sister)

Shayna LOVES human food and puts on her cutest faces in order to get some. She loves human food so much that she was a pumpkin last year for Halloween!

I love this little nugget way too much (feat. little sis and little paw)

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