Cops On The Hunt For The "Portland Pooper"

The city of Portland, Oregon has always been a little funky, but recently, one unidentified resident seems to be taking it a little too far.

Cops are on the lookout for a suspect that they are calling the 'Portland Pooper'. According to local news reports, the man has been "seen defecating near a Southeast Portland office several times in the past month."

The police were able to capture several photos of him after hiding a camera in his 'usual spot' near SE 58th and Powell - the kicker here being that he even brings his own toilet paper!

As of Monday, flyers featuring a clear photo of the suspect's face were posted all over the city, raising a number of questions and eliciting plenty of comments.

The first one probably being:


My favorite quote regarding the case comes from Catrina Salazar, a beautician who works at a hair studio near the office:

"I find it interesting that he has toilet paper with him, it's very pre-planned. You just don't really know what to expect around here. People, they like do their own thing, they kind of march to the beat of their own drum."

Dear Oregonians of the Funny Community (cough@FabiolaGavina and@jokes cough), Have you guys heard anyone else talk about the Portland Pooper in your neighborhoods? You're going to have to report back once this guy gets caught.

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