Violet Reception

Some of you may know that purple is not my favorite color. In fact, it's my least favorite. So are you surprised to see me featuring this stunning violet reception?

I wanted to share it with you because it features both round and square dining tables. What makes this so beautiful, in particular, is the use of gel lighting. For as much purple that's running through this look, there doesn't appear to be a shred of actual purple elements on the table. The chargers are gold. The stemware is glass. Even the votives are amber.

But what have I said before? If you want to make a colorful impact, you need to use the color sparingly. That's what I talked about in this card, which was called How To Make Color Pop. The same things are going on here. The purple is used sparingly as the lighting, which is a clever way of washing the look of the reception in a color that you're fond of. It's similar to looking through glasses that have been tinted.

Would you rather inundate the look of your wedding with actual colored items that you love, such as flowers, goblets and decor or would you rather color the look with lighting? Talk to your event professional and lighting director to see what look would be best for you.

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