Love or Attraction

I think we need to understand the difference between the love and attraction. We say that we are in love with that person but what was our first interaction with him. It was attraction towards his/her face. So basically it starts with the attraction and turns into the love. This type of love is very common nowadays. Now the question is that "Do we all love through attraction?" No it is not like that. I have seen a lot of people who are in deep love with each other though they are not that much attractive. In many couples i have seen that one of the person is so attractive but the other one is average looking guy or girl still they love each other too much. It happens when we spend time with someone for long time we don't get it but we start creating feelings for them. These feelings generates automatically for them. We want to care about them, talk with them, give them all happiness. We feel like their happy or sad moments are ours too. We start living for them instead of ourself. That is called true love. Still sometimes i feel that i am attracted towards her or in love with her :).

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