Jung Hyung Don transforms into Song Joong Ki?

Comedian Jung Hyung Don transformed into actor Song Joong Ki for a recent photo shoot. On the January 23rd episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘, MC Jung Hyung Don parodied the actor’s ‘High Cut‘ magazine spread. The comedian was given a mission to parody one of Song Joong Ki’s shoots. The pictorial he chose was one of the actor posing rather seductively on his bed with his legs bared. Jung Hyung Don attempted to parody the particularly scandalous photo shoot, but he ended up bringing laughter to the entire studio just by getting ready. Defconn added, “When Jung Hyung Don does it, he looks like an unemployed man,” unable to look away from the shocking scene. However, Jung Hyung Don ignored the responses and successfully completed the mission. Jung Hyung Don had recently complained that his wife Han Yoo Ra was very fond of Song Joong Ki, making their marriage life difficult. What do you guys think about Jung Hyung Don’s shocking parody of Song Joong Ki?

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