Does anyone like Nell?


So I'm really excited to be talking about my own Korean Indie band, but I just want to know if anyone here is a fan too? I love their music with my whole heart. What I love most is their lyrics. Their music just gets to me~ I'll put some of my favorites down below~

Green Nocturne My favorite lines are: Time made me into an adult But I don’t think it made me strong Time made me into an adult But it made me that much more of a fool As we all become adults, I think most of us are confused and having a hard time.

Time Spent Walking Through Memories My favorite lines: Even on that big empty chair left on the side of the street Even in the glass I thoughtlessly filled to drink some water Even within the mirrow I face to look at myself Even within the music secretly sitting in deeper from the edge of my ear You are there Memories are memories. Some of us will remember and others won't. Some will remember more and some will remember less or nothing.

White Night My favorite lines: Again today, I fall in love and say farewell To the remaining pieces of you inside of me When we are heartbroken. Maybe we feel this way too? I love the MV for the song. It goes well with the lyrics too

The Day Before Before state my favorite lines. I want to talk about the meaning of the song. Some people think its about a break up and some think its about suicide. I think suicide because of the video, but that's just me. So yeah. My favorite lines: Sometimes, I standing inside the same memory with you I’m frozen in time with you Sometimes we wish we were still with the people who are gone even if it's for a second and that second might be a memory. I like the MV for this one too. It goes well with the lyrics. Its very meaningful to me. Both the song and the video.

Ocean of Light My favorite lines: Forget everything till now Quietly close your eyes Break down the walls that trap you ----------------------------- I’m in the ocean of light My dreams are breathing In the dazzling waves of light I am being born again I’m in the ocean of light My dreams are dancing In the big waves of light I am being born again In the ocean of light ------------------------- Believe in yourself who will become new Quietly close your eyes Draw out the you that you’ve always dreamed of So this is just a great songs. It inspires me and gives me hope. Its a song that frees me and makes me believe in myself. I picked the chorus and two other parts because I love this whole song.

Four Times Around The Sun My favorite line: Like something trapped forever in a shining moment of a black and white photo My sadness is always heading toward you with the same face While the earth went four times around the sun I longed for you and erased you thousands of times This song has a lot of meaning and I love it. Maybe it feels like the earth goes four times around the sun when you finally get your broken heart healed.

Boy X So I don't have a favorite line for this song, but it is a song that tries to speak out for those who can't.

Perfect My favorote lines: Your song that you whisper to me quietly Your scent that is more alluring than anything else in the world It makes me want to forget yesterday, today and tomorrow Makes me want to forget It becomes perfect Like the title implies this song is Perfect. It makes me fall in love. Its just perfect ^~^ So that's it. I hope to have made you a fan of Nell~

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