Ever since that dreadful day Everything has changed I look at myself in shame If only I could change my decision  To end your life I think about it everyday My guilty conscience will not go away I talk to you and wonder if you hear I pray for you and love you Right about now I would have had you If only I was stronger Then you would be here And I would not cry every night But I hope you know Ever since that dreadful day My soul was broken And my pride flew like a bird Ever since that day All I wish for is for you to exist All I want is forgiveness From you, From God All I want is the ability to forgive myself All I want is simply you © Veronica Artino,

This was written in December 2006 about an act I REGRETTED that I did in April 2006. I came to the conclusion the same day that I committed the sin that it was wrong and I immediately regretted and hated myself. I only hope this poem helps someone to heal or help them make a decision for what is right for themselves. I did not make the decision that was right for me. I let someone talk me into the decision. I still hate myself a little, and think about it at least three times a day... I'm still in the process of healing.

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