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(I love Min Hyuk and Yong Hwa answers haha) “I think we play too much only amongst ourselves,” said CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun during a press conference for their mini album ‘Re:BLUE‘. The press had remarked to Jonghyun that they heard he liked to go outside a lot compared to the other members. To the comment, Jonghyun explained, “It’s not that I do bad things outside, and it’s not even that I go out that often. It’s just that the other members don’t go out at all, so it seems like I go out a lot by comparison. Usually, hyungs that I am close to call me out, but I felt burdened that I was going out too much by myself, so I even changed my number.” Minhyuk hilariously confessed to being a homebody, commenting, “It’s not that Jonghyun hyung goes out a lot, but that we don’t leave. I get tired, so I just want to sleep. If I liked hanging out outside, I would, but I like staying at home and talking more. We get along well, so I like practicing together.” Yonghwa added, “It’s fun for the 4 of us to be together. We don’t really like being seen by others. We laugh a lot on broadcast, so we want to just be quiet at home. I like candles. I enjoy a romantic mood by myself by lighting candles and putting on music.” Jungshin commented, “What I noticed was that when we’re seen outside, words that we didn’t even have in us come out. We liked hanging out with each other from the start. The hyungs write songs at home and practice at home or in the studio, so they seem like they don’t like going outside as it’s become a lifestyle for them.“ Credits allkpop

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