To Whom it may concern

To Whom it may concern, why is it that I can NEVER be happy ?! it's like whenever I try to do or see anything that I would like to do or would like to have it's always, " NO, you can't do that" or "maybe you should do something else" or even " that's not what's best for you". You ALWAYS try to control my life is not fair!! I hate when you treat me like I'm a little child when I'm NOT !!! you need to see who I have become and accept the fact that I am NOT going to be your crutch any longer!!! I sometimes wonder what would happen if I just give in and do EVERYTHING that you wanted and not have a voice . I've often felt like just giving up and doing just that.....Not Allowing myself top speak for myself ever again and just be your little doll that you can control whenever you please . I can't love who I want. I can't do what I like, I don't have a life anymore.... CAN'T YOU SEE THAT ! you say that you know what's best for me but you really have no idea who I really am anymore. you don't see all the sacrifices that I've had to make for you.... my friends, my church ,my life., my dreams.. all gone... now I have to go and start over again. I'm NOT your prefect little girl anymore The sooner you get that the better it will be for everyone . you may think that you know me but you really have no idea. how really cruel I can be . Now I'm hurting other ppl because ," your have big expectations Amanda standards for me". Ha ! yeah right .. I know that my being your only daughter has a lot to do with why you try to " protect and shelter " me but I don't need it !! I'm not a baby !! so let me live my LIFE !! let me make my own personal opinions and mistakes let me learn how to be myself without you telling me what to do. I honestly hate when you try to keep me on a tight " leash" . You should know better than that. You are doing the same thing they did to you ! And you swore that you wouldn't . well this is just a little something for you to think about the next time you feel that you have to take control of my life. I just might not be there at all anymore -signed- your not so "Perfect" Daughter

I just felt like writing this out of nowhere lol it's amazing when you just let your imagination run wild lol . I hour y'all enjoyed it

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