Park Jimin

Alternative Name: Jamie Park

Nicknames: Baby J, Queen J

BD: July 6 1997

-from Daejeon

-won K-pop Star Season 1

-currently attending Hanlim School of Performing Arts with Baek Yerin

-did a Charity Project duet with Eric Nam called 'Dream'

-performed with Lee Ha Yi for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Smart Air Condition Q-All That Skate 2012 event

-made her solo debut with 'Hopeless Love'

-was in web drama Dream Knight as Got7's Jr.'s fan

-sang the OST for Goddess of Fire (I Love You)

Orange Marmalade (I Want to Keep Seeing You)

Baek Yerin

BD: June 26 1997

-from Daejeon

-currently attending Hanlim School of Performing Arts with Park Jimin

-spent 5 yrs training in South Korea and United States

-is fluent in English

-known as 'contemporary R&B genius' after her 2007 performance of Beyonce's 'Listen' on Amazing Contest Star King

-has featured on the tracks of:

-Taecyeon 'It's Only You' and 'Chocolate'

-Olltii 'Excited', which she helped compose and write

-San E 'Me You'

-Yuk Ji Dam 'On & On', Unpretty Rapstar

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