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Okay! So since there is a lot of challenges going around, I decided to come up with a FRIENDS Reboot Challenge.. Intrigued? Wonderful, Just follow along. This idea was thought up of with the help of@Taijiotter &@najalong1998 We thought it would be fun to think of a FRIENDS series and switch it up a bit. If you could remake the Friends t.v series with your favorite K-Pop, or K-Drama artist, who would you choose. It can be anyone you want. You, your favorite singers, friends (pun inteded) anyone... In the Next section, I will explain the character personality and who is whom. This is to your discretion. I just want to see the different options! You have complete discretion. If you want to switch the gender roles, go right ahead. Many options!!

1) Monica ~ Monica is just as lovable as is neurotic. Sure, she can be a smidge overbearing at times. She's a master chef and a clever cleaning machine. She likes to keep things tidy in her home and love life, although the latter is a bit more difficult. But sooner or later, she's bound to find love. Even if it's right under her nose (...or across the hall). 2) Rachel ~ Rachel's always had it easy - until she moved to the Big Apple. She may have been princess popularity in high school, but after running out on her balding groom, she decided to start a wonderful new life. A life filled with delivering scones and decaf, and limited access to daddy's credit card. Sigh. When it comes to love, she's still learning the ropes, but she's got plenty of ex-fiances, hot Italian guys, and oh-so-cute doctors to keep her completely occupied. However, she always holds a soft spot for a certain dorky dinosaur fanatic. She has no choice! He's her lobster... 3) Phoebe ~ Pheobe's not your average New Yorker. But that happens when you're raised on the streets by an albino man that washes windows outside the city bus terminal. Maybe that's made her a bit quirky and eccentric, but it's also what makes her great. She doesn't let insecurities get in her way, and she's got no problem belting out her outlandish folk tunes to a crowd of cynical latte lovers. Why waste that natural talent? And even though at times she can be a little far out, she'd do anything for the ones she loves. 4) Chandler ~ Chandler "Muriel" Bing is the quick-witted comedian of the group who graduated top of his class in sarcasm school. Starting off as Ross Geller's nerdy college companion, he found his way into the group of friends one witty one-liner at a time. With a long list of relationship pet-peeves and seriously sub-par dancing skills, he's not exactly a hit with the lady folk. Whether he's schooling Joey in Foosball or finding new ways to break up with his horrifying ex Janice, there's never a dull moment when this funny friend is around. 5) Ross ~ Ross may not be the smoothest guy in the coffee shop, but he can take just about anyone down when it comes to the evolution of prehistoric microorganisms...Okay, so it's safe to say Ross is a dinosaur-loving nerd. But that doesn't mean he's unlucky in love. He's been married more times than Joey's scored a phone number. But his most notable love triumph was winning the heart of Lincoln High's cutest cheerleader, Rachel Green. When he's not battling with Rachel about whether or not they were ever really "on a break," he's busy being the clumsy, Central Perk friend we all know and love. 6) Joey ~ this smooth-talking ladies man is a natural ham - and he likes to stack it on his sandwiches, too. He might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he's got a heart of gold and the hair of a god. So what if he's scrounging for gigs and struggling with big words like supposedly (...supposebly?) He's still one of the best friends a jaded New Yorker could ever ask for. And if you're ever feeling down in the dumps, he's always the first to ask, "How you doin'?" 7) Mike ~ Phoebe's love interest and future husband. He puts the normal in their relationship and evens out her quirkiness. He loves her 8) Gunther ~ Coffee shop manager that loves and adores Rachel. He has a slight jealous side of Ross, and shows it throughout the series. The couples: Rachel & Ross Phoebe & Mike Monica & Chandler

My Choices are The Following:


I have always loved Rachel, so I felt it would be right to stick me as Rachel. I remember going into the salon, and asking for the Rachel haircut. I also like shoes as much as she does.


My sister Sondra is none other than Phoebe, usually I match with Phoebe's quirk, but when Sondra and I are together, she becomes the Phoebe.


Chandler would be the Lovely@Taijiotter like we have previously discussed. Chandler is still one of my favorite characters.


Joey is getting revamped to be a girl, because why not and it's my card so I can. Also a female Joey would be fantastic!!! Joey would be none other than the lovely miss@najalong1998


My lobster (Ross) is Kim Joon, I mean did you expect anyone different? If you did, then you are still learning about me. . .


Since we're revamping and Chandler is female, Monica will be her love Heo YoungSaeng


Mike Hannigan would be none other than Lee Minho, my sister would kill me if I tried to pair her with anyone different.

I would choose Kim WooBin as Gunther,

@najalong1998 Naj dear this is for you, I feel you need a love interest...

So yes, if you want to do this, then by all means go ahead!!

Disclaimer* I only own the photos of me, Sondra, and borrowed the pics from Naj and Taji... The others I do not own.

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