Lee Joon Writes Controversial Message Online & His Agency Confirms He Wrote it.

On January 23rd, Lee Joon left a message on a fancafe that said, “Am I robot? Who am I doing this for? I've held my self back as much I could. I have something called opinions too. Have they apologized in full for this? I feel bad for openly lying to them. I am a human too, I can't act and lie this way.” He then proceeded to deleted the post, but his words were already wildly spreading around the internet. His words could have been referred to his virtual marriage with actress Oh Yeon Seo, in the MBC program “We Got Married.” The two were involved in controversy, after some pictures of the actress and her co-star Lee Jang Woo, in the drama they are both currently appearing on, were released assuming she was in a relationship with Lee Jang Woo. After the scandal, both Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo decided to stay in the program despite some opposing. At first, many thought that someone hacked the account, since Lee Joon is not active on the account, and his email was hacked too. His agency J.Tune Camp, reacted quickly and said they were in the middle of contacting the actor/singer to confirm if he made that post or not. However, J.Tune Camp confirmed that Lee Joon, indeed wrote the post. J.Tune Camp said, “It is true that Lee Joon wrote those words himself. He did it in the mist of arranging his busy schedule with the agency. We failed to understand his opinions and he wrote those words when was very stressed and emotionally exhausted.” They concluded, “Lee Joon is known for his sincerity when he works, and he wanted to work with a sincere heart and show a real side of himself to the public. We failed to convey his opinions, but we will work harder, to make Lee Joon's opinions our priority. It is embarrassing, but we understand his intentions. We will focus on his schedule so he can meet the public with a sincere heart.”

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