Easy Aprons: Sewing DIY

This easy diy project is going to show you how to make super cute aprons. Whether you're a baker, a gardener or into messy diy projects like me, you're going to need an apron (or two) to keep your clothing protected. Don't worry, these aprons are so cute, you may not want to take them off!

Supplies Needed:

-23 inch square piece of fabric*


-sewing machine and thread

-1 1/2 yards ribbon, canvas trim or rope for the straps

*The 23 inches is a guestimate depending on your body type. You may need more or less fabric.

First I snipped off a small triangle on the "top" of the apron, to give it that straight line across. See the photo above!

For the sewn version just fold and pin all around the edges with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Then stitch the edges in place. Then press the edges.

Next pin the canvas trim in place. As you can see, it's just one long piece that can be pulled over your head. Once pinned, try it on, careful not to prick yourself, and adjusted it a few times so it looks right and is easy to take on and off. Then stitch it into place and you're done!

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