Kpop Question/Me/Don't Know The Proper Name Challenge


Numbero Uno: Hyuna be like What's your Name girl? -My name is Angi woohoo~ next question

Number Dos: New York Citaaaa

Jumber Three: FangUrl Ye i am inderd a fangirl...shocker lol

Number 5: My ULTIMATE bias is... SEUNGRI, yayyyy! He will forever be my bias .......but WAIT..... My fiance aka Bae is... Jackson!!!! Yay! From GOT7. Woohoo~

Number 4: (i know i switched numbers by accident) I have three TOP fandoms which are ARMY (bts), EXO-L (exo obviously), B2UTY (Beast) woohoo~ BUT i love infinite, block b, bigbang, b1a4, 4minute, UKISS, and many many others (full lists is londer than star Wars credits)

#6: my fave Genereal song is: Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru (aka Kingdom Hearts 2 theme song) Btw if u never played Kingdom hearts u should try it, beautiful game series lol BUT my fave kpop song of THIS year is Xiah Junsus FLOWER, such beautiful song srsly i HOPE it wins awards liek pls BUT my fave kpop song of all time is actualy hiphop and is by Epik High, and is: Pieces of You (OMG gets me so eMotional)

Number 7: my fave kdrama does mot exist because i am completely Terrofied of starting dramas i know i might get too into them and that is a very dangerous step in our relationship so i must wait for the right moment...


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