Cute Felt Pockets - DIY

Supplies Needed:



Decorative paper or postcard or picture



Floss thread

Begin by gluing decorative paper or photo to the chip board. You can then trim it down to whatever size you'd like. For instance I'd glue scrapbook paper (which is 12" x 12") to letter sized chip board (8.5" x 11"), then I'd trim it to 6" x 8"

Next cut out felt that is half the size of the length of the decorative board (6" x 4").

Using flossing thread, hand sew large stitches about 1/8" in around the three sides. Double knot the beginning and end on the backside to hide it from the front.

Now you have a cute chic felt pocket that you can stick things in like notes, photos, reminders, etc. You can add magnets to the reverse side of this so it sits on the fridge easily. Up to you! Just have fun with this one!

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