Snack fever

So just got my first box from snack fever and I'm opening as I do this card soo let's see together

so this looks like it is packed full, let's look at the card first

so the front, is just telling what month the box is for, then on the flipside it tells us about the kind of snacks that are in the box

so I got two types of chip type snacks, both look good Lol

for drink I got a peach water Lol and a coffee packet, mmmm coffee

So for cookies, they pretty much gave me Korean oreos Lol and some Korean rice crackers

So we're coming to the sweets yay, so I got a almond mochi cake (which is being given away bc I hate almonds unfortunately), I also got a strawberry pie so that is a plus

So looks like they threw in some little candies, so a grape lollipop, a anytime candy which seems to be like a long lasting mint type candy, and another almond type product (giving that away Lol)

So didn't know how to categorize these, one is a butter waffle(gold package) and the other is a chocolate filled biscuit, sounds interesting

So lastly is our slightly savory stuff, cheese gratin in the silver package and I got Soon Veggie Ramen, it says it's a little spicy but I'll be the judge of that Lol

*bonus item* they shipped out late so they gave the boxes suprise gifts and I got a pair of aluminium chopsticks, adding to my chopstick collection Lol

So I guess it's time to taste test everything, hope you guys had as much fun opening the box with me as I had sharing

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