{MM} Funniest Anime Character!~


This has to be one of my favorite challenge so far but it was one of the toughest as well.

I couldn't really decide so Imma pick my 3 favorites, and once again@poojas challenge accepted, but failed miserably as I couldn't pick just one xD My apology.

Isaac and Miriam (Baccano)

They are hilarious, the best combo in anime in my opinion. Love their spontaneity and their way of "live in the moment" lifestyle, Golden pair in the anime world (for me at least). This guys inspired me to stop being TOO lazy from now on trying to live like them and got me through tough times when I was down actually. Just lo them.


Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

"The Other Side of the Other Side of the Other Side would be the Other Side." ~Sakata Gintoki. Do I even have to explain this one?


Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

Great anime, great story, and great character. He's so innocent and pure, even getting beat up by his friends but when he gets serious.....oh lord.....Badassery over 9000! Some people might not like this type of character or even focus on his funny side as the anime is action packed but since this was my first anime with pokemon, I just couldn't leave Kenshin out of this. Oh the childhood memories ㅡwㅡ

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