Upcycle Dessert Trays

This is going to be a test. A test to see just how clever and creative you can be. It involves using everyday items you have in the house...maybe a couple things from a craft store...and pure imagination! Ready?!

The secret to Laura Gummerman's (A Beautiful Mess) project is in the adhesive. For best semi-permanent results, use Quake brand museum putty, which you can find online for about $4 through Amazon.

1. Tarts & Candlesticks

For this idea, you can use the museum putty I mentioned earlier to attach a candlestick to the bottom of a ceramic tart pan. Place some putty in the top area of a candlestick. Then turn over the tart pan and adhere the candlestick to the center of the pan. Follow instructions for time to adhere.

This isn't permanent, but will keep its hold for the duration of the dessert party!

2. Plastic Party Supplies

Not too keen on playing with your tart pans and ceramics? No problem. Still, by using museum putty, you can attach fun goblets and architectural elements and build a funky, yet beautiful cake pedestal (or something else).

You can easily discard or recycle these when you're done!

3. Garden & Tool Shed

Have you ever strolled through the garden center of your local hardware store? There are tons of cool objects, trays and containers that you can use to create a fun dessert tray station. The one you see in the photo are two painted terra cotta pots!

Again, using museum putty to keep them attached (temporarily), you can create a whimsical table display for a birthday party or another activity without purchasing a $60 cake pedestal.

For more cute ideas around the house, be sure to click here!

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