Best Bubbly For Wedding Toast

Every wedding will have at least one toast. And when that happens, you want some great bubbly to toast with.'s going to be a bit sad. With all the other things on your plate that you have to deal with, do you really have time to slog through the research needed to find the best champagne for your event? I don't think so.

That's why I've come up with a short list so you don't have to think. Just point and order x-amount of bottles you think you will need for the wedding!

Under $25

Roederer Estate Brut, $20. One of California's premier sparklers, Roederer Estate Brut is a sleek and balanced Champagne with hints of apple, vanilla and cinnamon.

Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut, $12. This comes in a black bottle and screams sophistication — certain to impress your guests. It's a full-bodied, standard Champagne with bright apple, pear and citrus flavors.

Under $50

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut, $50. A crowd-pleaser from France, Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut is light and dry with subtle hints of crisp apple and creamy vanilla.

Ayala Brut Majeur, $43. This champagne is aromatic on the nose and pairs perfectly with Asian cuisine or seafood. Hints of apple, raspberry and lemon make Ayala Brut Majeur unforgettable.

Under $100

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial, $65. Champagne-lovers agree that this is the best! It's fruity, smells of wild strawberries and has hints of raspberry and cream. Originating in France, Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is romantic and sensual.

Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec, $60. A clean, brilliant yellow Champagne that's fresh and fruity — without being too sweet — is Veuve Clicqout Demi-Sec. Any palate will love the smooth flavor with hints of praline.

Over $100

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut, $129. This exceptional Champagne is so prestigious it's only produced when the best harvests occur. It's rich, complex, and with gorgeous rose-gold color. Flavors include peach, pear, jasmine and lilac — certain to impress.

Dom Perignon 2003, $160. Like candied fruit, Dom Perignon is the Champagne of Champagnes, and you really can't go wrong with this classic. With hints of ginger, pear and lemon, Dom Perignon will have even the Champagne critics at your wedding coming back for more.

How Many Bottles?

It may be hard to determine which bubbly to purchase because what you want to spend on a bottle may be determined by just how many bottles you're going to need to begin with. So, here is a general rule of thumb, ONE BOTTLE FOR EVERY 5 GUESTS.

However, since most bottles contain about 25 fluid ounces, you'll be pouring about 5-ounce glasses. Now, since most champagne flutes will hold between 6 and 7 fluid ounces, you can get away with filling the glass half full or just shy of half full.

Realistically, you only need enough liquid in the glass to toast with. Remember, this isn't a beverage per se. If you were conservative with your pouring and were able to squeeze 10 flutes per bottle, then you're price point drops considerably.


So here's the math for 250 guests using $25 champagne:

Standard pouring method (5-ounces per guest)

50 bottles + 4 bottles (additional 2 per 100) = 54 total

Now, divide your total number by 12 (since 12 bottles per case)

54/12 = 4.5 cases OR 4 cases and 6 bottles.

TIP: Most suppliers will give you a 30% discount when buying 3 or more cases of champagne.

$840 (for 4 cases, less 30% discount)

$150 (for 6 bottles, no discount)

=$990 (or $3.96 per guest)

Conservative pouring method (2.5-ounces per guest)

25 bottles + 2 bottles (additional 1 per 100) = 27 total

Now, divide your total number by 12 (since 12 bottles per case)

54/12 = 2.25 cases OR 2 cases and 3 bottles.

Since this is less than three cases, no discount.

$675 (for 2 cases and 3 bottles)

TIP: Do the math because it may be cheaper to buy three cases (knowing it's too much bubbly) in order to save money.

Even on the conservative side of things, if you ordered three cases instead of 2 cases and 3 bottles, you'd only be spending $630, which IS LESS THAN $675. Plus, you get six additional bottles!

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