Tuesday Hair Tip: Styling Second Day Hair

I admit I only wash my hair every two days, so I am used to having second and even third day hair. The most days I can go without washing my hair is five days. I know you might think it's gross but I had camping one week and I refused to shower in cold water. I just can't bare the cold. Though, if you think about it, back in the days people wash their hair only a few times per year. I'm not even kidding. Many royals and noble classes prefer to wear crowns, hats and headdresses. Thus, in place of washing, they use powder to soak up scalp oils and to suffocate head lice. (*cough cough*) That's how we got the idea of dry shampoo.

If you're interested I can write up a card about all the medieval hair care practices.

Okay, back to the good stuff. How do you style second day hair, so it looks presentable?

1. If you wake up with wavy hair, don't brush or comb it out. This will only encourage more frizz and fuzz. Instead, use your hands to lightly finger comb to neaten things up. Then scrunch in a light mist of healing oil to give shine and a bit of control. Avoid the roots (at all cost). Then style as you see fit.

2. If you wake up with mixed texture, sparingly spritz hydro mist throughout your whole head. Flip your head upside down and dry with a diffuser while using a scrunching motion. This method will give you a bedhead look. When you're done with the diffuser, flip your head back up and lightly mist to refresh it.

3. If you wake up with flat hair, apply dry shampoo to the roots. Let it sit for 3 minutes before you brush it out. Here's a tip: Flip your hair upside down to brush. When all the strands are detangled, add a light coating to the underside of your hair then flip your hair back up. Walla! Now you have volume at the top.

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