DIY jewelry hanger

This is a perfect fix for those of us who have a ton of jewelry. No matter how I try to store it, all of the pieces tend to get tangled. But not anymore! This DIY jewelry hanger made from a clothes hanger will fix all of your tangled jewelry problems.


For this project, you will need a wooden clothes hanger, a pack of screw hooks and (if you need) a pair of needle-nosed pliers to help you be able to screw in the screw hooks.

Use the pair of needle-nosed pliers to screw the screw hooks into the bottom of the wooden clothes hanger. If you are going to use the jewelry hanger for a lot of wide or chunky jewelry, make sure the screw hooks are not too close together. Also, make sure the openings of the screw hooks are all facing the same way so that it is easier for you to remove your jewelry from the hanger.

You can store the jewelry hanger in your closet or hang it from your wall near your makeup mirror. Wherever you put this DIY jewelry hanger, you'll be happy to have your jewelry free from becoming tangled globs!

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