Being Unemployed After College Can Be A Good Thing

Full disclosure, I graduated a year ago and I am still don't have a set career so trust me when I say I know what I'm talking about.

It's hard to see other people, friends, cousins, girls you absolutely hate, get careers and "dream jobs" right out of college. With this economy you can't help but wonder who they paid off to get these opportunities while you are back in your old bedroom, old boy band posters and all.

But while you may be stressing a bit, don't. Because not having a job right out of college can lead to some of the best times of your early adult years!

1. You Can Have One Last Summer.

Lets be real, the second you get a big kid job, unless you're a teacher (which is way more trouble then its worth), you give up your summers forever. You're legal to drink, legal to gamble, and ready to have one last hurrah! So take back your old summer job one last time, work just to have some money to play and enjoy the sunshine for a bit longer. Because trust me you aren't getting any younger.

2. You will take jobs you never thought you would.

Did I ever think I would work with kids? Please, I prayed I would never have too. And yet during my job at an after school program I learned that although they might drive me crazy, they are pretty fun to be around. Plus sometimes it hard not to laugh in their face at their weird logic. The point is, your dream job probably isn't your actual dream job. This is your first time in the big bad world and the major that you had to declare at 19 has prepared you for pretty much nothing. So go forth with an open mind, because you might just stumble upon something better.

3. Travel

Save up some money during the year and spend your last summer (see #1) seeing the world. Save your graduation money, money from a job, hell even money from the couch because it will all add up! Then get away from the world that will be full of complaints from people not having a job or having to wake up early to get to one. The awkward in-between school and work is the perfect time to get away and figure yourself out in a place that will rip you out of your comfort zone.

All in all, you just have to get out of your own head and stop listening to people saying you will fail if you don't have a career right away. Because statically, more people then not hate their jobs, so just think of this time as you sampling the merchandise. Try out different things and see what will make you happy because you have 40 years to work before you can even think about retirement.

Also you will be way better at cover letters so really, who has the better deal?

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