Terrarium Side Table - Easy DIY

From the looks of it you might think, TOO HARD, FORGET IT. But you'd be wrong because this is actually a really easy DIY project that can really enhance your indoors by bringing the outdoors in.

Supplies Needed:

-4 sheets of plexiglass that are 24 x 18 inches

-2 sheets of plexiglass that are 24.5 x 24.5 inches or larger

-weld-on #4 and applicator bottle with needle

-1 sheet 24.5 x 24.5 inches OSB or plywood

-(2) 24.5 inch 1x2 wood pieces

-(2) 26 inch 1x2 wood pieces

-one 1 inch dowel for legs

-4 screws

-plexiglass knife (if needed)

-saw (if needed)


-spray paint

-terrarium insides (gravel or river rock, moss, manufactured mulch, faux succulents)

This is an easy project for those who know there way around the DIY world. If you are new to DIY, then this is going to be a bit more advanced than you might be used to or come to expect.

Also, expect to spend a good $200 on this project, depending on what you already have on hand and what you need to buy.

Step One: Assemble the base of your terrarium. You can see from the photo above how I (very simply) put mine together. Basically you're going to make a short table with a lip that is sized to fit your plexi box inside.

Step Two: Assemble your terrarium box. You'll be using electrical tape and the weld-on #4 to fuse the corners together. These sheets can be cut down by you or the hardware staff. They also come in different pre-cut sizes.

Step Three: Create the top piece by fusing two plexi sheets (one smaller than the other) together.

Step Four: Fill any edges of your base with wood filler and then paint the base.

Step Five: The funnest part of this project is the creation of the contents. Have fun with rocks, plants and

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