5 Misconceptions About Black Hair

There are lot of misconceptions, or even stereotypes about black hair. Let's smash the one-way thinking about black hair, and understand how black hair can be different from one person to the next.

Some of these misconceptions can just be because there just isn't a lot of dialogue about black hair outside of the black community. This can generate confusion or lack of awareness about the issues or realities of black hair.

The beauty standards in the United Stated specifically, can penetrate into the black community in a very negative way, especially regarding hair. Even as a black woman, I was exposed to these misconceptions. Because of the relaxer culture (which is shifting into the natural hair culture), there were things that I learned about natural hair or black hair in general from family and friends -- that just weren't necessarily true.


1) There's One Type Of Black Hair

There's several types of black hair. From coily, thick, bouncy, and spirally -- we can rock all sorts of hair. Our hair is diverse, awesome, and flawless. No matter what the texture -- it's awesomely fun.


2) Black Hair Doesn't Grow

Because most black hair is curly, there is "shrinkage." Our hair indeed grows. Since it can be mostly curly or coily, it's difficult to see how long our hair really is. Most often when we straighten it, our length can double!


3) There's "Good Hair" & "Bad Hair"

There's no such thing as "good hair" and "bad hair" and this is something we must diligently remove from the black hair dialogue. There's simply different sorts of hair. There also might be damaged or healthier hair, but let's quit talking about about "good" or "bad" hair, which is typically defined with how "desirable" our hair pattern is.


4) It's Unprofessional

Unfortunately, we have been told or taught that our hair in our natural state can be offensive or unprofessional. Fortunately, things are slowly changing. Black hair is become more accepted in the work space, and in other settings. There may be still be stigma about natural black hair, but things are starting to look positively. At my former job, when I walked in with my curly, short hair -- I received so many compliments from supervisors and colleagues alike!


5) It's Unkempt and Neglected

Different hair types require different kind of hair care. Black hair can often be very dry -- so instead of avoiding oil, we're adding oil to our hair. Most curly hair patterns do not need (and sometimes it's recommended) to shampoo less often, and co-wash (skipping shampoo & washing with just conditioner) more often. Black hair is tended to often. Very often. It's not neglected, it's taken great careful care of!


Black hair, whether it's relaxed, natural, colored, short, long, bouncy, thick, or coily -- it's ALL pretty freaking amazing! Let's rock it!

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