Hunting for the Perfect Cosplay Shoes!

Since I've found the dress I will order for my sparkly Nozomi cosplay (this one, if you're curious: ), it's time to find the shoes! Unfortunately, the shoes don't show on the card, and the only lives I can find are a bit blurry so it's hard to find the exact shoe.

But that won't stop me!

I watched this 17 min preview of the Endless Parade concert DVD ( and took some screen caps of the white boots that I need to find! This will help me find a shoe I'll be happy with .

At first, I thought it was a low boot with a higher sock to give the illusion of a boot, but it seems that the whole thing is a snug, mid calf lace up boot! Which means it's time to go to ebay to start the hunt...

My first search (white lace up boots) brought me back OK results, but they all were not accurate enough for me to be happy with them.

(If you must know why, because I'm picky. #1/#2 both have too big of a platform and heel and #3 is too short at the top to match well. So no to all three!)

These three would be maybe options. There are pretty easy ways I could modify them all so that they would be appropriate, but I'm not sure it'd be worth the investment, and they still wouldn't be perfect. Some need the base painted white (they need to be completely white) and others are still too high of a heel, which I could just deal with.

The closest ones, for me, would be #6 because I like how fitted they are to the ankles rather than being their own shape with your foot tucked inside, if that makes sense. But the bottoms would need painted, which would then chip, so I'm not sure.

And so the hunt continues!

If anybody's got suggestion on where else to look for shoes, let me know! I tried searching riding boots since they seem to have the right heal, but so few of them come in white or without a pointed toe, and I'm not really looking to have to paint my shoes or kill my feet.

I'll keep planning, though :)

Once again, If you'd like to keep following my insanity as I try to bring my cosplays for Katsucon 2016 to life, check out my collection "End Goal: Katsucon 2016."

All the shoes' ebay links, in case I change my mind late and decide to go with one of these:







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