Inside 'Macho Cafe' - Japan's Hooters For Women!

Any and all meat-related jokes I could make to introduce this card would read a little too much like a bad porno script, so I'm just going to come out and say it:

Tokyo has a 'Macho Cafe' where women of all ages are served alcohol, coffee, and bistro fare by young, buff guys.


The pop-up cafe, run by the muscly dudes of Macho 29, frequently turns a small dessert shop in a Tokyo mall into a stud-stuffed destination for drooling ladies with lots of appetite (and very little shame).

The menu is on the pricier side, but you can be rest assured that it's totally worth it. If you order dessert, your table's designated beefcake will prepare it in front of you and your girlfriends. If you order a beer, not only will he pour it for you, but immediately crush the can -- MANLY MAN STYLE!!

Perhaps my personal favorite option is the Wall of Meat.


For the equivalent of $27 here in the US, the Wall of Meat gets you surrounded by a number of the cafe's macho men, who will flex and build their own merry-go-round 'meat wall' around you for several minutes. Yeah, I'm equal parts terrified and intrigued.

And you KNOW it's about to go down when someone busts out the wrestling mask.

their official website

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