Beauty Tips That Should Be Taught...But Aren't.

I am so sick of opening a magazine and being bombarded with all the ways to make myself beautiful. Now, I am not one to wear that much makeup (mostly because I am terrible at it and people that can make ombre lips are artists), but its hard not to feel out of place and less attractive when you aren't in a full face and cute shoes.

but here are some REAL LIFE BEAUTY TIPS that every person should know before they start dabbling in the make up and fashion world.

1. No size is the Wrong Size

Everyones body is different and yet, everyone is still just as beautiful as the next person! So keep that in mind before you try and squeeze yourself into the size you think is the "beautiful size", because I know we all have that one number in our head. Reaching your goal size will not make everything perfect, because you already are perfect.

2. With or without make up you look great!

The make up debate is stupid and needs to stop. If you wear make up because you feel more comfortable or just love putting it on then rock it! If you hate make up you still look amazing. There is no reason make up should be that big of an issue and there is no reason someone should feel uncomfortable even going to the bathroom without it on. Have confidence in your face and everyone around you will notice how awesome you look.

3. Dress to your comfort!

When you go out dress in an outfit that will ensure you having the most fun!

4. Loose, black clothing doesn't have to be the only thing you wear to "slim you down."

because you are beautiful and deserve to be in the spot light.

FYI Thats Tess Holliday and she is perfection.


5. Confidence is all that matters!

what's on the inside is what matters the most.

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