Favorite/Least favorite hairstyles on idols?

So we all know kpop idols have sported some funky hairstyles in their career at some point and they either rock it or just were a bad decision lol so I was wondering what hairstyles you think were the best and least in kpop land? xD (You could talk about a different idol for each category or they can be the same person!) but lemme sit back and talk about Youngbae's hair doe...

Now my FAVORITE hair on Taeyang is basically any hairstyle he had with that BLONDE HAIRRRR!!!! I think it looked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good on him!!!!!

It was hard choosing my least favorite look on him tbh (he had so many peculiar ones lol) but if I had to choose one I'd say when he had those annoying ass braids every time he wore a hat. Yes yes I know I said previously I liked every style he had with his blonde hair but I'm POSITIVE this isn't even his own hair so I'm not counting it lol (disclaimer: I still love TaeTae so I really don't care what he does to his hair, I still think he's amazing SO IF YOU END YOU LOVE FOR AN IDOL BECAUSE OF THEIR HAIR YOU'RE FAKE AF) So what were your favorites/least favorites?

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