Please, Don't Burn Your Hair Off

Heating tools has come a long way from being only used at salon for professional services to being available for at home-styling. This transition make it possible to style your hair professionally without relying on your hairdresser. Just like any digital device, each heat styling tool comes with an instructional booklet. Read it.

One of the biggest flat iron mistake is using the tool with the wrong temperature.

This vlogger fried her hair off because she double heating her hair. First, with a blowdryer, then with an insanely hot curling iron temperature.

Common misconception:

High temperature = more control over hair's texture. WRONG.

The Magic Number: 365 Degrees

Most of the temperature listed on the flat iron is unnecessary. The only temperature that will get you through in one pass is 365 degrees. Styling below 365 degree will encourage you to glide through it several times (which can eventually dry your hair out). Styling above this temperature will expose your hair to unnecessary heat and you're calling for hair damage. Keratin will start to melt and it is irreversible (AKA splits ends and breakage).

There you have it. Adjust your temperature to 365—and never, ever change it.

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