Other Cool Ways To Celebrate Your Quinceañera

When I turned fifteen years old, my parents decide to torture me and not throw me an expensive, elaborate quinceañera. I was not pleased. Pero, not all is lost. There were other ways I was able to celebrate my birthday. And even as my little cousins grow up, they're opting out on the quinceañera, and asking for something for alternative ways to celebrate their BIG 15!

Here's some other cool ways to celebrate, without throwing on a super fancy dress.

Travel Somewhere New

Pack your suitcase and go somewhere abroad. Instead of doing the walk of pain in those ridiculous heels your mami and papi bought you for your quinceañera party, hop on a plane. Explore different foods, and party with the city's locals.

Party On A Cruise

School's hard enough, take a break and go on a cruise. If you're unable to afford a 7-day cruise that travels along Europe, consider a 1-3 day cruise to the Caribbean. You may even be able to throw a party on the cruise -- for free!

Theme Park

What's funner than awkwardly dancing with su primo at your quinceañera? Stuffing your face with fried dough and getting dizzy on roller coaster rides -- that's what. Release your inner child, and just have fun.


I remember when I was told I wasn't going to have a quinceañera, I was pretty livid. I did the 15-year-old pout and stomp. But now that I think about it, I probably would of hated it. At 15, I wasn't interested in getting dolled up, dancing, or even being around a lot of people. I was happy I got to do other things like theme parks and having small gatherings art abuela's.

If you had an alternative option to a quinceañera, what did you do?

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