What Does Your Favorite Kardashian Say About You?

Don't act like you're not fascinated by them.

The Kardashians are polarizing, maddening and often anger inducing. This pop culture concept of "doing nothing and succeeding" because of looks or whatever, runs rampant among the celebs of today. What do they do???

A lot actually. They're at the epicenter of Hollywood and just because they're interesting. The Kardashians work hard, even though it might not seem like it. So indulge for one minute, and take this Vingle quiz. Find out what your favorite Kardashian says about you.



Okay, so your favorite is the OG Kim Kardashian, who jettisoned to fame because of a sex tape, but somehow came out the other side as a complete star.

You like Kim because she's a self-starter

You are the kind of person that loves the spotlight too

You don't take shit from haters, and just like Kim you believe in yourself!So keep doing you because Kim is everything!



If your favorite is Khloe, you're probably the realest person out there.

Khloe does not play around.

And she is the exact opposite of Kim

You also like to have a lot of fun

You're the task master of your friend group. When people get out of line you check them, because like Khloe you don't bow down to other people's demands or expectations. You may need to watch your temper because sometimes you can come off as insensitive and harsh...but who really cares right? Your haters need to get a life.



Do you have a shitty boyfriend? Are you more family oriented than party ready? Your favorite has to be Kourtney Kardashian.

Arguably the most "normal" of the Kardashians, Kourtney takes power mom to a whole new level. Her attention to her kids and ridiculous husband (whom I shamelessly love, despite all of the dumb things he does) is admirable.

You're a big fan of Netflixing and low-key nights, but can totally pull it together for a night out if need be.

If you love Kourtney you're probably the glue that holds your family and friends together.You're grounded, down-to-earth and you're not afraid to speak your mind.

Sometimes you can get a little to controlling



You've moved away from the three that started it all and on to the next big thing. If you're a trendy bitch your favorite Kardashian (Jenner) has to be Kylie.

Kylie is a textbook teenager with amplified access to whatever she wants.

If you like Kylie you're obviously obsessed with make-up and fashion.

Like Kylie you can be a bit immature when it comes to things you don't like or people who don't think like you.

If you like Kylie you're still figuring things out for yourself,



If you love International Supermodel Kendall Jenner, you've got a good head on your shoulders.

Kendall is a hard worker.

She's a fashion inspiration and gives you health goals.

If you're anything like Kendall you have your eyes on your career.

You're wise beyond your years and definitely support your friends and family. Kendall wants success on her own terms and like her, you do too.



Okay, if Kris is your favorite you are definitely a micro-mom-ager in the making!

Kris is a strong broad,

If you love Kris you probably have a hard time letting things go. You definitely have your life together and you always look forward to the next project. You're an organized, to-do, can-do kind of person and nobody, not even your kids will get in your way when you want something done.

No matter what gets in your way you always finish your tasks, but watch your judgmental tendencies, they can get you in hot water!

My favorite is Kim and I don't care who knows!

Whose your favorite? Hate them all? What do you think?

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