In a bid to stop fans from fighting and leaving hate comments on her page, Stefanie Michova made a bold statement saying, “Stop talking s**t. Like you know this s**t,” and revealed that, “I’m happily in a relationship. And I find it very upsetting that girls have to hate on other girls. Everyone who feels the need to express their own insecurities and hate on my profile will get blocked. I hope you can get some help and find love/purpose in your life.” She ended the comment lightheartedly with the statement, “P.S. I appreciate all the love and support I have received from many ELFs and people.”

So Beenzino's model girlfriend, Stefanie, has been a lot of unnecessary hate from some nasty ELF's after posting a photo on her Instagram. Like really??? Can't we be professional about this???? I mean Stefanie is already in a relationship and as a model she is going to get work that requires her to appear in magazines, mv's, and other various things. I agree with Stefanie, it is very sad that girls have to hate on other girls in this gross manner. But on a side note can we talk about the cute moment where she quoted the lyrics of a song her boyfriend featured on? I don't think she meant to but the fact that she did it unconsciously is even cuter. Check out the video below to figure out what I'm saying if you don't know.

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