What’s News to You?

When you reach for a newspaper, what grabs your attention? Do you reach for a tabloid or seek out hard journalism? We all have specific interests when it comes to events...and we tend to seek them out.

I’m gotta say something. I love the news. Like, I’m one of those people that tries to read the paper every day. I sit with my cup of coffee and read the news and it’s great. But sometimes current events either...

A. Make me really angry.

B. Make me really sad.


C. Make me want to get up and DO SOMETHING

There are certain issues that I want to read and know more about: Politics, technology, science advancement, the police system in the U.S. and women issues.

So even thought I try to read all the news...certain current events that make really passionate about what I do and how I think about the world!

And from the looks of it. I’m not the only one.

Here are some Vinglers and what I’ve learned about their news passions.

The women’s issues people! Shout out to all my feminist peeps:@shannonl5@virginvingler@JPBenedetto. My politics peeps@ZoeMe@TessStevens@christianmordi that are keeping up with local and national happenings in Politics.@drwhat is passionate about news related to the problems in the U.S. prison system.@melifluosmelodi is obsessed with Edward Snowden and online privacy (I mean duh, he’s awesome).@cullenquigley is my favorite pop culture junkie. And@hikaymm that loves any news related to astronomy (aka NASA missions). My animal rights lovers like@yernaya@JordanNash.

Then there are some people that like some weird news...they like to know the obscure stuff that’s happening. (cough cough@danidee@buddyesd)

OR my favorite people that are really upset about Donald Trump... you know who you are@alywoah@LizArnone ;) You can be passionate about really bad political candidates too, I promise.


It seems we all have news stories we enjoy and like to read more than others. And knowing what you are passionate about allows you to look at the world in a different way.

What are some stories or issues in the news that you are passionate about? What grinds your gears and makes you want some CHANGE IN THE WORLD!

Comment below!

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