Girls’ Generation’s Sunny wishes Taeyeon would stop being depressed?

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny expressed that she wishes fellow member Taeyeon would feel better. On the latest ‘Radio Star‘, Taeyeon revealed that she got rid of stress by getting piercings. She said, “I used to get ear piercings, but I took them all out. I did both ears, and I had 6 piercings. [I got them] when I was a trainee. I get stressed from work, but I feel more tortured when we have no work and rest. I think I like it better when we’re so busy we can’t think.” During a segment in which each member pointed out something another member could improve on, Sunny commented, “I wish Taeyeon would stop [getting wrapped up in her] depression. I’d like it if you would stop listening to sad music and putting yourself in a corner when you already don’t feel good. When you’re feeling down, come to me. I’ll make you [a soju-beef cocktail], and I’ll sing happy songs for you and do cute things.” cr : allkpop

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