Chlammy Zell Cosplay

From No Game No Life. Cosplayer unknown.


(クラミー・ツェル, Kuramī Tseru, alternatively translated as Clammy Zell or Kurami Zell) is a human who allied herself with the elves in order to try and win the king's contest. This was due to her belief that humans will never be strong enough and must depend on others in order to survive. She is the friend of the elven girl Fiel Nirvalen, despite being a slave of Fiel's family. When Sora yelled at her for underestimating the human race, she threw away her confident facade and broke down in tears while childishly calling Sora names and blaming him. When she challenges Sora again she still acts pessimistic about the possibilities of the Imanity, but after being defeated again and her memories are returned, she gains a newly found respect for Sora and the Imanity, and they part ways in good terms as she agrees on helping defeat the Werebeasts and to unite the other races. (

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