Weekend Playlist: Rock and Reflect

Ever just need a few days to recharge? Need some alone time? This playlist will guide you through. Here are a few songs with mellow beats, and reflective lyrics that will keep you chilled out and meditative all weekend.

1. Good Life / OneRepublic

This brilliantly written track makes you think a lot about your life, your choices and what you want. It's the perfect song to listen to while looking out your window, or sitting around with friends. Its percussive elements will keep you rocking, but the soaring melody will make you fly. It's a beautiful song that has a tinge of hopeful melancholy in its structure that is unlike any pop track of its time.

"Day turns to night / night turns to whatever we want / we're young enough to say / this is going to be a good life."

2. Farmer's Daughter / Babyshambles

This band was my companion in New York City. When the night fell on the dark subway lines, I turned them up. This band encapsulates a specific mood I can't quite put into words. It's sad, but hopeful. This track's lyrical content could break your heart if you listen close enough. The swaying instrumental makes you think of a ship sailing to nowhere. It's a dreamy songscape that could lull you to sleep if you weren't so mesmerized by the lyrics.

"When you're asked to choose between this and that / I take the former every time."

3. Jacksonville / Brandon Flowers

A lesser known track from the Killers frontman's first solo effort "Flamingo", Jacksonville provides the listener with a few good ideas. "Slow down your mind" is the first lyric you here. It's a totally internal track that blatantly asks questions like "where do we go?" and "what are we here for?" If you're trying to get deep this rhythmic track is perfect.

"The luxuries of childhood were at our feet / in the sun / so baby run."

4. Jetpack Blues / Fall Out Boy

This deep cut from the band's most recent album "American Beauty / American Psycho" is the ultimate jet lag anthem. It wreaks of longing and heartbreak. It'll hit you like a ton of bricks if you've recently left home or traveled to a new place. This song is a testament to leaving it all behind and starting again.

"I'm trying to find some peace of mind / Behind these two way highway lines / When the city goes silent / The ringing in my ears gets violent."

5. Green Day / Christie Road

Vintage Green Day tracks like Christie Road encapsulate a very specific sense of melancholy. If you're missing people you haven't seen in a while or just feeling out of place this track might give you some comfort, because if you move or start a new journey you're going to have growing pains. Lead singer Billie Joe says that this is an extremely personal and reflective track that centers on having your own happy place, and how important that is to survival.

"Give me something to do to kill some time / take me to that place that I call home / take away the strains of being lonely / take me to the tracks at Christie Road."

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