VIXX Challenge Day 3: Secret Bias

Ravi is my secret Bias! He's hilarious, intellectual, talented and very handsome. .

Again with the symmetrical look. He's got it. And the strong jaw line, I'm not usually about that cause I am more of a baby face girl, but Ravi has something I just like.

His child-like innocence. Super adorbs.


He's not afraid of anything! A risk taker, that's hot!

He's such a pretty girl!

and makes hilarious faces.

He was even super adorable as a chubby baby. lol


Tanks@byeolbit for posting this challenge. Day 4 is going to be tough for me since I don't really know much about these guys. I am a fan but don't necessarily consider myself a starlight.So, finding something I like about each member with be a great challenge for me.

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