Ultimate Bias Day!

OH LOOK AT HYUNSEUNG ALL DEBUTING IN A GROUP AFTER GETTING CUT FROM BIGBANG. So. If you haven't figured it out by the cute debut photo, my ultimate bias is B2ST's Jang Hyunseung! This card is for Ultimate Bias Day, started by@B1A4BTS5ever. This one was a free for all wild card month, so I decided to go through Hyunseung's looks during each comeback. As you see above that debut hairstyle... It's uh. Yeah. But Bad Girl is so much fun :)

Still got that asymmetrical bang thing going on... awesome. But it's black now and that's cute. EVERY DAY I SHOCK!

The long wavy hair of Breath!!!!! SWOOOOOONNN.

BEAUTIFUL MY GIRL! OH BEAUTIFUL MY GIRL (in tha cube) He plays a dancing machine in this, reigning champ. Truthhhh.

FICTION!!!!! You do that cold city man dance Hyunseungie!

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Whyyyyyyy. Beautiful Night, they literally all slay.

STOP BEING SO ENCHANTING. because I'm shadowwwwww.

This is from Troublemaker's Now MV, cause I forgot to put the photo I had of Troublemaker. I actually really love the risqué MV of Now and think Hyuna and him make a great duo.

GOOD LUCK! His dancing here just LIKE WHAT. NOOOOOooooooooo.

12:30, probably my favorite favorite favorite. And that red coat. Baby you sing so good!!!! And your dancing again. Ughhhhh.


Yeyeyeyey! Not from the MV because that perm hair... Like boo. Just say nah.

There is my UB Hyunseung through the ages! Wow he has been through some looks. And he pulls off all of them. Can't wait for next month!!!

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